A New Multiculturalism

Exploring Tradition and Self through

Fashion and Photography

On View through May 5th
Wednesday – Friday
11AM – 5PM
The Africa Center at Aliko Dangote Hall
1280 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10029 United States (map)
The Africa Center is pleased to present A New Multiculturalism: Exploring Tradition and Self through Fashion and Photography, an exhibition of rising Senegalo-American artists Assane and Mo.

Two of the most resounding voices of tomorrow, Assane (@assane_gaaye) and Mo (@itzonlymo) are a New York-based artistic duo committed to reshaping today’s discourses on notions of belonging, access, and thought production in and around “fine” art.

Referencing the compositions of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, and taking inspiration from Senegalese filmmakers Moussa Touré (La Pirogue, 2012) and Joseph Gaï Ramaka (Karmen Geï, 2001), the duo’s daring artistic practice explores what multiculturalism, diasporic movements, and the evolution of culture mean to a generation that emerged in the early 2000s, ushered by the sounds of Mos Def, Usher, and Kendrick Lamar.

Produced and co-curated by Farima Kone Kito (@farimakkito), this exhibition includes 21 photos by fine art photographer Assane, each subject styled by Mo. Standing as a reclamation of the universal right to imagination and an audacious testimony to the search for self, this photo series is arranged into 5 acts—Uncertain Yet Sovereign, Daring to Reacquaint, The Core, Settled and Resolute, and Converging Yet Full—. This installation was made possible with the support of The Africa Center, and realized by architectural designer Kadia Bah (@kadia_b).



Artistic directors: Assane and Mo

Exhibition Producer and co-curator: Farima Kone Kito

Exhibit design and installation: Kadia Bah

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